Essentials Course – L3

If you are travelling to China for business, there are a number of cultural traditions and technological challenges that you need to prepare for.

This course offers a great introduction to what you can expect when working in a Chinese environment, and provides practical advice to ensure your trip is a success.

Over 5 short lessons, you will be introduced to some significant cultural customs, including the art of giving gifts and the importance of Guanxi (relationships) and Miàn zi (face). You will also be given some practical advice for how to get by without access to Facebook, Google Maps or Gmail, and learn how to use the Chinese communication app WeChat.

Our Essentials Course takes approximately one hour to complete, but can be done at your own pace.

Thank you for taking the time to view this course we hope it will help you reach your goals, and improve communication in your business.


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Essentials Course – L3